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Badgr is an achievement recognition and tracking system that uses Open Badges for competency recognition, professional development, and connected learning.

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A complete toolbox for recognizing lifelong learning

Issue verifiable credentials to your students, staff, and users

Define and issue badges in a simple browser-based interface, or use the Badgr API to integrate badging into websites and applications. Issue badges automatically in online courses on Canvas and other learning management systems.

Store, manage, and share Open Badges

Turn badges you've earned into valuable opportunities, jobs, and new collaborations. Badge earners connect with issuer organizations to earn more badges and share their progress over a lifetime of learning.

Journey through varied pathways of learning

Open Badges allow learners to connect learning achievements from formal, informal, and self-directed settings across multiple different platforms. Build your personal learning network, understand your progress, and discover new learning opportunities as you build skills and gain experience.

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Track learner achievement in Canvas Courses

Badgr integrates with the Canvas LMS with our free app available from the EduAppCenter.

Award module completion badges in Canvas courses and give students meaningful credentials that directly represent the skills and experiences employers are looking for. Watch webinar (52min).

Use the flexible system of modules built into Canvas to organize your course around creating a portable, visible record for your students of what they actually earned - and then use Badgr to disseminate meaningful achievements that employers and peers can readily understand.


Gamify your course by allowing students to compete for badges. Optional course leaderboards can add an element of gamification to courses, letting students track their progress alongside their peers while protecting student privacy. Watch video (4min).

Free up to 10,000 Badge Earners

You can add Badgr to a single course or an entire Canvas Account (or Sub-Account). Badgr is free to use for up to 10,000 badge earners across a Canvas Account. Sign up for a free account and contact us to get started:

Introducing Badgr Pro - tools for understanding student achievements across the institution

Activate powerful new features with a paid Badgr Pro account! Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro to deeply understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements across the courses in their Canvas account.

See badges your students are earning

Get a window into the skills that are being recognized in your institution and how many students are learning them.

See what teachers and courses are most effective with badges

Get an overview of the courses awarding the most badges and drill deep into each course's award data to see how different teachers are using badges. Compare effectiveness of different course approaches to recognizing the same skills.

See how badges are shared

Understand how your students are claiming and sharing their Open Badges to their social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Pilot Programs

Get started with a pilot of Badgr Pro right away! We have a limited number of spaces available in our beta program. Contact us for details and pricing.

Issue and display digitally verifiable badges with the Badgr API

Badgr serves badge issuers’ core needs for managing a digital credential program using Open Badges. The full range of application functionality is made available via API.

Issuer API

  • Define issuers: Name and describe an issuing context, whether for an out-of-school learning program or a single course within an online learning platform.
  • Register API keys for remote applications.
  • Define badges: Upload images and write badge metadata
  • View a single or a list of all badge classes for an issuer context
  • Archive/unarchive badges
  • Issue a badge to a single recipient
  • View all assertions for single badge class

Earner API

  • Upload badges
  • Confirm multiple email addresses
  • Organize collections
  • Share on blogs, websites, social media or directly by email to unlock new opportunities and collaborations.

Take your Open Badges to go with the free Badgr mobile app.

About Open Badges

Image by Kyle Bowen / CC

Badgr issues and understands credentials that are fully compliant with the Mozilla Open Badges specification for verifiable digital credentials. That means the badges issued from within Badgr may be moved to or displayed within any other application that understands Open Badges. Users who have earned Open Badges anywhere else on the web can import them into Badgr and build a unified collection of their accomplishments, no matter where they were earned.

Open Badges are not just visual symbols of accomplishment. They contain detailed descriptions of recipients’ achievements and may link to evidence of individuals’ work toward earning the badge. Badgr and other applications that understand Open Badges can verify their authenticity and help people understand how each badge fits into an individual's lifelong learning journey.

Badge Resources

Open Badges - Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school. Mozilla's Open Badges project is working to solve that problem, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web through a shared technical infrastructure.

Badge Alliance - The BA is the global standards body and community hub for the Open Badges Specification, the shared language for online achievements. The BA has also provided a framework for open badge use in higher education. Join the Badge Alliance working groups and community calls to contribute to the state of the art in Open Badges technology and practice.

Open Badge Network - The OBN is Erasmus + project that aims to bring together organizations involved or interested involved in badging to create an ecosystem that focuses on the use and practice of badging. OBN has actively engaged stakeholders in open badge adoption discussions at policy levels in Europe and beyond.

Open Badges Use Cases

Reconnect Learning - Look at a collection of case studies across higher ed, libraries, and connected learning within local communities developed by the Badge Alliance and key partners at the 2014 Summit to Reconnect Learning.

OregonASK - After School Learning - See Oregon Afterschool for Kids' white paper on badges in out-of-school and summer learning time, highlighting how badges can connect informal and formal learning spaces with verifiable achievements that carry rich evidence of proficiency.